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Purchased warranty August 2010 from NWC.

November 2010 my dealer contacted NWC for repair and told that I had no account.

I then contacted NWC and loan carrier Universal Lenders LLC of Elmwood Park, Illinois and also advised I had no account. After a $650 deposit and withdrawing money for three months?

Once my account was located NWC provided my information to carrier National Auto Care of Westervile, Ohio.

My claim was denied by NAC, because the repair was wear and tear instead of a "break down".

After 4 days, I would have been content for the cost of parts.

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Their site lacks tons on information about their products compared to warranty direct and carchex direct.I called to ask a question and got Cameron.

She did not want to help me at ALL. Refused to listen to my question to help me understand. I raised my voice a bit (not yelling), she said she did not like to be yelled at and hung up on me. WOW they really want my business.

I called needing help understanding their coverage's. I called back and she answered again. I ask for a manager and she stated she was the manager. She was very very rude.

She made it appear that she was very high up in the company. She said she had not ran a company for 28 years and have an A rating with BBB by not wanting to help customers. I do not recommend even attempting to do business with the company. You can not view their contracts on their site.

I was asking about "wear and tear" coverage which is different than "mechanical breakdown" coverage.She really did not want to answer the question, which makes concerned me.

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